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"Hey There Sugar" Sugar Spoon

Hey There Sugar Sugar Spoon
Hey There Sugar Sugar Spoon
Hey There Sugar Sugar Spoon
Hey There Sugar Sugar Spoon

"Hey There Sugar" Sugar Spoon


Make your morning (or afternoon) routine sweeter!

  • 5" sugar spoon
  • Engraved with "Hey There Sugar"
  • Handcarved in Indiana from hardwood sugar maple
  • Food safe
  • Hand wash only
  • Made in the USA
  • By Belle & Union

Note: After the first few uses, buff the utensil with 400 grit sandpaper, if deemed necessary. No finish is needed, but if you prefer, a light coating of mineral oil is best.

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Photo Credit: Belle & Union/Danielle Robinson Photography

Meet the Maker

Belle & Union is the creation of Meg and Josh, two honeys known for cookin’ up all sorts of homegrown goodness with their whimsical writings, wrappings and wares. Their recipe? Start with all-American ingredients: the papers they print on, the cotton in their textiles, and the wood in their hand-crafted gifts. Mix in a dollop of Meg’s doodles and season with a spoonful of Josh’s mechanical moxie. Whether you speak with a drawl, East Coast boast or West Coast ease, they hope their homegrown wares, made from the heart (of Texas, that is), will always cook up a smile.